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Running Like a Crazy Man

Lori and I talked recently. I'd lost some things in my email and couldn't find them. One of the things about a great partnership and friendship, is when you can be fully honest with one another. Sometimes that honesty stings. I apologized for bugging her. I'd found what I needed and that's when the endearing love of a friend came out. "Honestly, Cindy. You have so much going on, I don't know how you keep things straight. You have to be tired." Ouch. It stung. But sometimes truth hurts. I'd bought myself a datebook. You remember those, from the 80's. Though this one is much prettier than the dull pages of a "planner." I'd done this weeks ago and I'd made sure all the things in my datebook, were added to my phone." I couldn't afford to miss anything. Two book deadlines. Editing work with WRAMS. Caring for Mom. Paying bills. Doctors appointments. Work at church. Bible study. House work and home maintenance. ACWC conference p

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