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  If we could squeal so you could hear us, we would. WRAMS is thrilled to bring multi-Christy winner, Ann Tatlock on board as a mentor. Ann's reputation and writing is well-respected throughout the writing community and we are excited to bring her on board.  Her skills are proven by the industry awards that she holds and it is our honor to not only have learned from Ann ourselves, but to have worked along side her as well. To bring her aboard WRAMS takes our writing and mentoring service to a new extended level of high. Can you tell we are excited? Ann will be working with both fiction and non-fiction writers and bringing her on causes us to rethink how WRAMS will now work.  Up to this point it's been a two-gal show. When you hire WRAMS you get both Lori and Cindy together and that is still something that will be available, but now, with Ann's addition, we'll be able to direct specific writers into her expertise. So bear with us, through our growing pains. But this is w

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