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Recognizing the Appropriate Training

    Image by CryptoSkylark from Pixabay I thought my head would explode. The room was nearly the length of…well…it looked like a football field – though I know that was only in my imagination. It was my first conference. I had no idea what this menagerie of people meant, much less how to sift through.  When you are new to conference life, it can be overwhelming. We come, dreams instilled and hopes that we might just find a place at the writing table. Conferences have two specific goals: 1) teaching   2) networking Of these two goals, conferees have to sort through and figure out a path to follow, and once the path is made, what happens? Do you need the assistance of an editor, mentor, or coach? If so, where and how do you find who is best? The questions only tend to grow, but let's walk  through the training you can gain at a conference. Step one: Your work in progress (WIP) – It begins with your work. The biggest mistake new writers make is jumping steps. I find t

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