Two Heads are Better Than One


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Why two heads? Well in the case of Lori and Cindy...between the two of us, we make one fairly steady individual. Of course, I'm teasing. But we do laugh about how we continually catch what the other misses. 

In any event, the old adage, "Two heads are better than one," holds very true in the editing process. You've heard it said many times, before you hit send, save your project and walk away for a day or so. Never send a fresh project to a blog, as a website post, or anything else. BECAUSE, you can't see your mistakes. Everything is so fresh in your head, that your head reads and your eyes just trail along for sight. 

Give a work in progress a day to percolate. Come back. And see things differently. The process is the same if you have a writing buddy or a trusted friend who can read with fresh eyes.

For example, I wrote a blog post today and because it was a sudden event, I wrote it early in the day. I let the better have read through and through his snarkiness, this is what he caught:

              I would miss the the day had it snot been for my brother.

Apparently, my brain went into stutter mode and needed a tissue. Do you see the importance of waiting a day to post, and do you see the importance of two heads? 

Don't fall for the internal lie that your writing is perfect on the first draft. I promise you, it isn't isn't.

Find a friend. Let the work rest a day. Take your time. Don't "last minute" write. Words need to percolate. (I love that word...percolate.)

When our clients hire WRAMS for their coaching and mentoring, they get two heads - Lori and Cindy. We love the tag team approach to teaching and our clients benefit from both our strengths. Two heads ARE better than one - at least, least, least, for today.

photo courtesy of and pasja1000


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