What Makes WRAMS Unique




*It is a dual-suggestion method. Dual-suggestion simply means, when an author hires Lori and Cindy, they receive help from BOTH authors on each piece of work sent to them. When working with two mentors, the writer gains a unique skill set brought to the table from both authors. Writers not only gain suggested fixes but receive brainstorming as well, helping them to see a more rounded look at their work. WRAMS, writers benefit from the skills of both Lori and Cindy.

AND NOW - we have added individual help as well. Since the addition of Ann Tatlock, WRAMS is now able to provide an even more specialized attention. Though we thrive on our dual-suggestion process, we recognize there are authors who prefer an individual based mentoring. WRAMS can provide that as well.



When a writer receives guidance from a mentor, it can be extensive depending on the level of skill the writer has. We choose to work a piece at a time. One chapter at a time. They can do more, but they’ve found, eating an elephant is easier a bite at a time. (I wish we’d made that line up ourselves!) Rather than overwhelming a novice writer, we choose to work in bits, helping them not only gain corrections and suggestions, but also helping them learn the craft of writing as they go. By working in small bites, writers can receive the hands-on assistance, ask questions, and rewrite while things are fresh. We can guide them meticulously through the process.



Yes! Pay-as-you-go helps the writer’s budget. It’s easier to pay in small amounts as opposed to lobbing a lump sum at a writer. We’re good with this because we want you to learn in a way that prevents you from worrying. This allows us to pinpoint exactly what you need help with and focus on that. If you want to continue your mentoring, we will work out a monthly plan geared specifically to your needs. Payments vary according to the need, but we will never move ahead without your approval. Writers can work at an affordable rate and pace, instead of shelling out thousands of dollars at once. As silly as it seems – we’d love to think we work ourselves out of a job because you’ve learned and move ahead until you need us again.

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