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We thought you'd never ask!



Our Pricing:

~Initial consultation via 30 min Zoom consultation – FREE!

~Single intensive Devotion breakdown - $30

~Devotion/Journal - 10 Devotions or 10 journal pages - $175


~Full manuscript  - $1000 (Includes full edit, content, notes, and recorded                zoom calls, coach availability for quick questions and problems upon request)

~Intensive two-chapter breakdown and suggestions - $175


The Final Touch Package

~Final read through and polish - $450 - includes final proof of manuscript, dedication, acknowledgments, back cover copy, and bio.

Additional Services

~Completed Proposal critique - $99 

~ Assisted Proposal (helping write the proposal) - $175

Coaching Services

~Novel Critique - Professional writers up against a deadline needing read through assistance. We can help you meet the deadline. Please contact us for pricing. This is a full-length completed novel - .02 per word

*Script Consultation/Critique - ($10 per page and $100 per additional rewrite - Lori only)


Note – pricing may vary according to the project and level intensity of the writer. This would be discussed in a free consultation. Our goal is to work at an affordable and efficient pace. Payment plans are encouraged and available.

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