Running Like a Crazy Man and kaboompics

Lori and I talked recently. I'd lost some things in my email and couldn't find them. One of the things about a great partnership and friendship, is when you can be fully honest with one another. Sometimes that honesty stings.

I apologized for bugging her. I'd found what I needed and that's when the endearing love of a friend came out.

"Honestly, Cindy. You have so much going on, I don't know how you keep things straight. You have to be tired."

Ouch. It stung. But sometimes truth hurts. I'd bought myself a datebook. You remember those, from the 80's. Though this one is much prettier than the dull pages of a "planner." I'd done this weeks ago and I'd made sure all the things in my datebook, were added to my phone." I couldn't afford to miss anything.

Two book deadlines. Editing work with WRAMS. Caring for Mom. Paying bills. Doctors appointments. Work at church. Bible study. House work and home maintenance. ACWC conference planning. Upcoming conference and teacher preparation. Lori was right. There was so much. Yet through all this work, I find valuable time to spend with my family.

The older I've gotten the less organized I've become. I chalk it up to having had two brain surgeries that mess not only with my physical balance and walking a straight line, but wreaking havoc on my short term memory. In the midst of all this stuff, I find respite and joy.

The truth is, I've learned to say no to a lot. My schedule is more than half what it used to be, but, I say this to pose this question to you. Are you making time in chaos to recharge?

Sometimes recharging is reading a book. Maybe it's a quiet sit on the porch swing, or a drive in the country. We all need to take a breath. 

Today, I cleaned my kitchen. It was oddly satisfying. Rearranging cabinets, taking inventory and when I was done, I announced. "I need to go the grocery store and restock with the basics we need. My husband immediately stood from watching the game on TV and slipped his shoes on.  "I'll go with you."

My immediate response was, "You don't have to go." But he quickly sniffled that by reminding me, he and congerdesign

enjoyed my company. How fortunate am I? 

Tim and I do a lot together. We work outside, do home maintenance even though both of us are not that great at it. But it's time spent together. I know I can cough up tons of projects but he is willing to tackle whatever I come with because it is time together.

I retired in 2020 from my day job. And in this past year, I've worked more in my home office than I can ever remember. On the weekend, I try not to work. That is that time of rest that God gifted us to do.

When I rest, my creativity increases. My ability to pen good words is strong. And when I work to help others, the levels go up even more.

Take time to recharge. Work is good. But rest is good as well. Your writing will benefit and so will you.


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